Literary Agent Kate McKean Teaches “Awesome First Pages: How to Start Your Story Right” — Webinar With Critique on Nov. 15, 2012

No longer can writers compose books that “really start to cook on page 40.” Books must start strong from the very first page. Your first paragraph, your first sentence, your first few pages — they all must have momentum and conflict and purpose. They cannot be fluff. Weak starts to stories is one of the most frequent reasons agents & editors reject submissions. Lucky for us, we have an expert on the subject. One of our most popular webinar instructors, literary agent Kate McKean, has returned to teach “Awesome First Pages: How to Start Your Story Right” on November 15, 2012.







Lots of explanation is on the webinar sign-up page here. That said, know that Kate will be discussing the following:

  • the potential danger of a prologue.
  • common chapter 1 cliches.
  • overused tactics to draw readers in.
  • the pros and cons of starting with action
  • how your book’s beginning is often a delicate blend of narrative, dialogue and action.


Literary agent Kate McKean is an agent at Howard Morhaim Literary. She accepts both fiction and nonfiction submissions. Find her here on Twitter.


Sign up for Kate’s webinar here.




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