Literary Agent Julie Just Seeks Submissions and Clients

As of 2014, Julie is no longer at Pippin Properties
Do not query her at Pippin.


While this is not technically a New Agent Alert because she’s not new, literary agent Julie Just of Pippin Properties reached out to me, because she just switched agencies and wants to receive more submissions from writers. This is a great opportunity for querying writers, as Julie is actively seeking clients now.

(What are overused openings in fantasy, sci-fi, romance and crime novels?)




About Julie: She is an agent at Pippin Properties. “I moved to Pippin this spring, where I’ll be representing both kids’ books and some adult projects. Right now I’m especially interested in YA and middle-grade fiction, but I have a very wide range. From picture books and graphics to adult narrative nonfiction, what I go for is strong sentence-to-sentence writing and original, hard to put down stories. I spent many years working as an editor, and am very hands on — if I believe in your book or proposal, I will go through as many drafts as we need until it’s ready.”

“My recent projects include a debut YA historical fantasy series, Chantress, by Amy Butler Greenfield (S&S); I Represent Sean Rosen, a comic novel by Jeff Baron (HarperCollins); and George and the Big Bang (S&S), by Lucy and Stephen Hawking, the latest book in their science fiction adventure series. In 2014 I’m very excited about The Islands at the End of the Earth, a tense, realistic novel with a sci fi twist set in Hawaii, by debut writer Austin Aslan (coming from Wendy Lamb Books, Random House).”

(Can your query be longer than one page?)

She is seeking: “In YA fiction I love smart, funny writing and complicated emotions (check Peter Cameron’s Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You: for me, a perfect novel), and stories that are so extraordinary they cross genres and audiences (“The Golden Compass”). In both YA and middle grade I love adventure, fantasy, friendship, romance, mystery, and the occasional fast-paced thriller..”

How to contact: (Julie has left Pippin as of 2014. Do not query her.)


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