Kind Words From Author Brad Thor

Author Brad Thor (His book, The Last Patriot, was a NYT #1 bestseller) had these kind words to say when meeting WD editor Maria Schneider:

        “Writer’s Digest is always going to have a very special place in my heart because Writer’s Digest was there at the beginning. I read the magazine and I used the Guide to Literary Agents. As a starting writer, you folks were an incredible resource for me. I mean that. I recommend Writer’s Digest to all beginning writers; when they have a manuscript and are trying to move ahead to the next level.”

Yep … He gave GLA some mad props.  Awesomeness.

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One thought on “Kind Words From Author Brad Thor

  1. shadesdown2001

    I completely agree with Brad Thor. Although I haven’t made it to the top as of yet, I agree on behalf of giving Writer’s Digest major props for its very helpful information. I have only been a member of WD for just a few weeks and I have learned so much from it. In the very near future when I am sitting on that same cloud, I will be crediting all of those people, websites, etc… that helped me to get there.


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