It’s Real! First Copies of RED DOG / BLUE DOG Appear — And I’m Looking For Bloggers/Journalists Who Want Review Copies


The first physical copies of my next humor book, RED DOG / BLUE DOG: WHEN POOCHES GET POLITICAL, appeared at BookExpo America in New York last week. Look below to see my agent, Sorche Fairbank, holding the first physical copy of the book I’ve seen. And I was super-pumped to see the book get its first major mention, as the huge political news site,, gave the book a shout-out this week, as well.

Keep reading the learn more about the chance to receive a review copy of the book.



My agent holds the book at BEA.


My Running Press publicist has asked me to put out a call for any websites or media or blogs that are interested in reviewing or talking about RED DOG / BLUE DOG (July 31, 2012). People I’m looking for include, but are not limited to:

  1. Bloggers or journalists with a pet/dog focus
  2. Bloggers or journalists with a political focus
  3. General book reviewers.
  4. Anyone interested in interviewing me in print or online, whether the primary focus is the dog book itself or general writing advice on getting an agent, getting published, or building a platform.
  5. Anyone who reviews or discusses quirky humor books, through roundups or gift lists or anything else.

I know that when my latest humor book came out, a lot of bloggers reached out with interview requests that focused on writing and how-to stuff. That is A-OK this time as well.

If you have a website, blog, column, or radio show, please e-mail me at chuck.sambuchino (at) and let me know about yourself and the website/media. (Please include a physical address if you are asking for a copy of the book.) All requests will be passed on to my Running Press publicist and she will be in charge of sending out advance review copies and such. Thanks so much, everybody! (By the way, if you have friends or websites in mind and want to share, please comment or e-mail me. Much appreciated.)



Was so pumped to see this. Political Wire is probably the first site I read in the morning after checking my e-mail.


Red Dog relishes pooping on the New York Times … Blue Dog loves his new e-reader because he can get all of his liberal media in one place.


Red Dog would like to know why these flags were made in China … Blue Dog would like to know if this bone is organic and fair-trade.



I am extremely excited to give a portion of the book’s future proceeds to no-kill organizations and pet shelters. My own dog, Graham (a very flabby poodle mix), was a rescue dog himself.




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