Is Your Blog a Book? Agent Kate McKean Explains in Her Oct. 22 Webinar

We’ve all see the overnight successes of blog-to-book deals. Whether it’s a traditional blog, a Twitter feed, a Tumblr blog, or something else entirely, publishers and agents are actively looking to discover new talent on the Internet. Could you be next? Luckily, to answer that question, we have literary agent Kate McKean (Howard Morhaim Literary) to teach her webinar, “Is Your Blog a Book: When, How, Why (and Why Not) Your Social Media Could Become a Traditionally Published Book” at 1 p.m., EST, Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013. The webinar lasts 90 minutes.

This live webinar will cover what publishers are looking for in blog-to-book properties, what it takes to make the Internet-to-print jump, and how to know if the traffic you have is big enough to get an agent’s or editor’s attention. Agent Kate McKean has ushered dozens of blog-to-book properties into print—from the New York Times Bestselling (twice!) to Noah Scalin’s online art project, to numerous Twitter and Tumblr accounts. She’ll show you what she’s looking for, and not looking for, in good writing on the web. Kate will be critiquing the query of all attendees; don’t forget that at least 4 agents have signed writers after seeing their work as part of a WD boot camp / webinar.


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All registrants are invited to submit a query letter for your web-based content book idea. All submitted query letters are guaranteed a written critique by Kate McKean. Kate reserves the right to request more writing from attendees by e-mail following the event.


  • What blogs (Twitter feeds, Tumblrs, or otherwise) make good books in print
  • How to know if your blog is popular enough to get an agent or editor’s attention
  • What kind of content translates easier to print, and what doesn’t
  • The kinds of blogs that do NOT make good books
  • About copyright and the web, and what you need to ask a lawyer
  • How to help build your readership to make that blog-to-book deal happen. Sign up for Kate’s webinar here.


Kate McKean is a literary agent at the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency in Brooklyn, NY, where she has agented for more than 7 years. She earned her Master’s in Fiction Writing at the University of Southern Mississippi before starting her publishing career, and enjoys both the creative and business aspects of her job. Her clients include the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling humor book I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?, New York Times Bestselling YA author of ASYLUM Madeleine Roux (who Kate discovered on her blog), and blogger, designer, and creativity expert Noah Scalin. She is most interested in contemporary women’s fiction, middle grade and young adult fiction of all stripes, craft, sports, humor, and pop culture. Sign up for Kate’s webinar here.


  1. Writers who want to turn their blog into a book
  2. Writers who want to harness the web to help land a book deal
  3. Writers looking to learn how to grow their online presence
  4. Writers who want to use the content they’ve already written to produce a book
  5. Writers looking to understand this new and burgeoning path to publication
  6. Writers wanting feedback on their blog-to-book query letter
  7. Writers who want to be on the cutting edge of modern publishing


Sign up for Kate’s webinar here.

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