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As an editor and 9-to-5 guy, I don’t have to worry about any problems that come with being a full-time freelancer—such as the tiny difficulty of acquiring good health insurance while not paying a bazillion dollars each month in costs. Luckily enough, I recently read an article on how writers can get insurance without going broke. Here’s the scoop:

Freelancer extraordinaire Linda Formichelli talks health-care coverage for writers in her article, “The Healthy Writer,” published in the August issue of Writer’s Digest magazine. The issue should be on newsstands now.

Formichelli urges writers to check out the following options: alumni associations, the local chamber of commerce, the National Writers Union, the Freelancers Union, your state’s farm bureau, the Editorial Freelancers Association, and more.

Also, a recent Publishers Lunch e-mail (from Publishers Marketplace) had an advertisement for the Authors Guild, an organization that also offers insurance to members. Joining the guild costs money, and remember, this was an advertisement, but it’s worth checking out if you’re in the market for insurance. 

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