Writer's Digest TV: Sandra Brown

Hi Writers,
Remember back last month when I was at ThrillerFest, the great writing conference/party thrown by the International Thriller Writers? Well, I got the chance to do some video interviews with a few thriller luminaries, including the amazing Sandra Brown.

So here’s a a short (around 4 minutes) Q&A I did with Sandra, in which I ask the brilliant question: So how do you get to be Thriller Master anyway, do you have to kill someone!
(I don’t think Diane Sawyer has anything to worry about).

Keep Writing,

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6 thoughts on “Writer's Digest TV: Sandra Brown

  1. Tom

    Mary is right on in her comment. When Sandra says it’s important to "finish it," that’s the real meat of the matter. I have an artist friend who does tile mosaics. I watched her work on someone’s shower for a year creating this amazing backdrop of a fall tree. I know she can do gorgeous work. I also know that she struggles with self-doubt as so many creative people do. I was stuck on a story that had started out fun and halfway decent and had ground to a halt. I was hating it, didn’t want to give up on it, but didn’t see the point in continuing. I asked her if she’d finished every piece she had started. She paused and thought about it. "Yes," she said. I asked if she’d hated stuff in the middle and finished anyway. "Yes." Had she sometimes liked it much more by the time it was finished? "Yes." Had she sometimes not liked it much, but someone else had enjoyed it and purchased it anyway? "Yes." "Dammit," I said, "I guess I have to finish this thing." Three days later I called her. "I finished it. It got better."

    Christopher Moore hit on this in his interview in WD. He said, "I realized I was never going to possibly get anything published unless I had something that was finished." The third or fourth book he wrote that he actually finished wound up being, I believe, his first published novel.

    You have to finish. Even if you hate it.

  2. Scott B.

    Love hearing the words of true professionals, and I couldn’t agree more with what was said.

    I feel lucky to have you asking question on behalf of the novice writer, Maria.

    (Guess my next read will be a Sandra Brown book, haha…)

  3. Olivia Schneider

    Congratulations!!! My goodness, I absolutely love, love, love this video!!! It’s my favorite of the six. And I love the writers digest sign at the bottom, very brilliant!

    Hope you make more videos again, and I told you, you did an Excellent job!!!

    <333 Olivia!

  4. mary ulrich

    Terrific! I loved that Sandra said, "To finish something." Makes me want to hit the keys. It is also inspiring to think of "the master" saying she has to read, read, read.

    And Maria, you did a great job.


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