Announcing: The Great WD Writing Prompt Contest

Hi Writers,
One of the most fun, creative and productive writing exercises I know of is coming up with writing prompts, so I thought I’d hold a little contest here on “The Writer’s Perspective” and on our forum, to come up with the best writing prompt.

So if you’ve come up with a good writing prompt, let’s hear it. You can post it here in the comments section, or on our forum.

The only rules are keep the prompts PG-13 and fewer than 100 words.

This contest is open until end-of-day Wednesday (September 24). I’ll chose my five favorite prompts and put them up on our forum for a popular vote. The winner will be announced Monday (September 29). [please note: the voting is being postponed until October 13. Brian A. Klems, our online managing editor will be choosing his favorite five prompts and posting them on our forum so please check our forum October 13.]

The winner will receive this very cool 2009 Writer’s Digest Weekly Planner and be featured in an upcoming issue of Writer’s Digest magazine!

Let the prompts begin!

Keep Writing,

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63 thoughts on “Announcing: The Great WD Writing Prompt Contest

  1. Maria Schneider

    Hey everyone,
    We haven’t forgotten about the prompt contest, it’s just been postponed! Brian Klems will be selecting the top five prompts and posting them on the Writer’s Digest forum for a vote on October 13 so please check the forum then!

  2. L.H.Poole

    I’ve not seen anything more about this contest, either. I’m assuming that the five prompts weren’t selected, nor put to a vote. Can anyone shed some light on this?

  3. Diana Murray

    "Be careful," said the mystic. "You must drink it slowly."

    "It smells terrible," said Isadora. "Are you sure this is going to work?"

    "Would you like to find out?" asked the mystic.

    Isadora held her nose and took a sip of the thick, black potion.

  4. Elizabeth Burger

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to overnight in a museum like the children in "From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler”? Daydreamed about which museum to choose or what to do? Would you ride the bony back of a T-Rex? Peek under a mummy’s wraps? Or would you find the nearly forgotten museum from your childhood – the one that never had water in the reflecting pool and many empty galleries blocked with red velvet ropes. Would you choose to wander that one and see how it, and you, have changed since then?

  5. KM Fox

    Prompt 1: Tinkerbell is freelancing for one day. She wants to take you on a trip. Where do you want to fly?

    Prompt 2: James refused to kiss her. Her breath was not the problem. Actually, it smelled like peppermint. Was it her nose? Her lips? Give a reason why he will not kiss her.

    Prompt 3: After three days of searching, the Coast Guard suspended the search and rescue mission. The local authorities closed the case–man overboard. The boat was in a state of chaos. The GPS system data was deleted. Maybe more was involved. Foul play?

    Prompt 4: You see two ladies fighting in the local bar. What is your reaction?

    Prompt 5: List 5 cities or towns in your state. Write one sentence about each one.

  6. MJ

    You’re driving a rental car, a thousand miles from home, and come up behind a car like the one back home in your garage. And not merely its model, you realize, but its identical twin. You draw close enough to read the license plate. Your eyes widen.

    What’s the story?


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