Writers Conference Spotlight: 2008 Writers’ League of Texas A&E Conference

If you live anywhere remotely close to Austin, I highly suggest going to the quickly-approaching Agents & Editors Conference, hosted by the Writers’ League of Texas. It’s set for June 2022.

There are hundreds of writers conferences, workshops, retreats and gatherings each year, and most of them are quite good. But I’d say there are a special dozen or so each year that are held in the highest regard because they manage to pull together an insanely big number of literary agents and acquisitions editors who can directly help writers see their work in print. And this WLT conferenceis one of those special dozen. In my experience traveling across the country, the single biggest opportunity for writers at a conference is the access they have to agents, managers and editors. And this one is a treasure trove of agents.I could list all the literary agents in attendance, but just go ahead and check out the massive list online.

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9 thoughts on “Writers Conference Spotlight: 2008 Writers’ League of Texas A&E Conference

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  2. Chuck

    To address what conference make up the "special dozen," I’ll just throw some off the top of my head here. I am judging on the sheer number of agents and editors who attend and mingle with writers.

    To save time, I have not hyperlinked these, so just throw them into Google to learn more. And there may be more than a dozen…

    Willamette WC in Portland
    Agents & Editors (WLT) in Austin
    Writer’s Digest Books WC in whatever city BookExpo America is being held in (NYC for 2009)
    Surrey in Canada
    Muse and the Marketplace in Boston
    Washington Independent Writers in DC
    Santa Barbara WC in Santa Barbara
    San Francisco WC in San Francisco
    South Carolina Writers Workshop in Myrtle Beach
    Maui WC in Hawaii
    Backspace in NYC
    Thrillerfest in NYC
    The big Romance Writers of America gathering in San Francisco
    The big SCBWI gathering in Los Angeles

    For film, Screenwriting Expo in LA
    Great American Pitchfest in LA

    The Columbus Writers Conference was pretty big, but it’s on hiatus

  3. Sheila

    Talking about conferences I had to pop in and give a HUGE high 5 to The Surrey International Writer’s Conference (www.siwc.ca). Considered to be "the Crown jewel of North American Conferences" by Diana Gabaldon SiWC runs October 23 – 26, 2008 in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

    This will be my sisth year with the conference and I have to say it gets better every year. Priced at about $400 for the entire conference it is fairly easy on the pocket book as well. Besides the hands on workshops, author panesl and awards banquet there are Editor/Agent appointments, the Blue Pencil Cafe (where published authors critique three pages of the attendees work) and the usual booksignings. Past Author sightings have included: Terry Brooks (2000 2001?)-2005; Jean Auel (2005) Jack Whyte (a regular), Anne Perry (another regular) and agents Donald Maass, Cricket Freeman (Pechstein) and many more.

    This conference has something for everyone! Check it out at http://www.siwc.ca


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