How to Create Your Own Book — The New Options of Abbott Press

My Guide to Literary Agents Blog is all about — naturally — trying to get an agent. But not every book’s path lies on the same route. While I encourage you to try to and get an agent for your work (and I can speak from a positive experience in the matter), some books may be a better fit for self-publishing. If you’ve got a novel in the drawer that agents said no to and you’ve forgotten about, perhaps that can be a great project to self-publish so some eyes could see it.





If you’re thinking about self-publishing, check out Abbott Press, the self-publishing arm of Writer’s Digest. Abbott Press recently updated their packages to include even more cool stuff. Packages include tons of stuff, from personalized covers to different formats (hardcover) to editorial reviews from editors to much, much more.

Check out all the Abbott Press packages here.



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