How I Got My Agent: Kiersten White

“How I Got My Agent” is a new recurring feature on the GLA blog. I find it fascinating to see the exact road people took that landed them with a rep. Seeing the things people did right vs. what they did wrong (highs and the lows) can help other scribes who are on the same journey. Some tales are of long roads and many setbacks, while others are of good luck and quick signings.

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This installment by Kiersten White, author
of PARANORMALCY (HarperTeen; Sept. 2010)
Check out her blog: Kiersten Writes.



I’ve seen a lot of articles lately on how it’s impossible to get published unless you are somebody, or you know somebody, or you know somebody who knows somebody. Agents filter ruthlessly. Publishers won’t take risks on unknowns. No one wants to spend time and money on something with no guarantee of success.  In short: give up. It’s not going to happen. You can have all of the talent in the world, but if you aren’t someone, you’re no one. The system is broken and you will never, ever be able to crack it.

I am proof the system works. I am a no-name, nobody stay-at-home mom – just another woman with a useless English degree, two babies, and a desperate need to do something, anything, to prove that my brain isn’t leaking out while I spend years of my changing diapers and chasing toddlers. I’d always wanted to be a writer, but a couple of years ago it became more than a romantic idea. I picked my genre, wrote the best book I could, and queried. And queried. And queried…


Fifty letters. Most agents never responded. I spent my afternoons mulling over online databases, Googling agents, doing whatever I could to increase my chances. I had no connections, no author friends to give me a leg up, nothing to set me apart but my writing. 

It worked. Michelle Wolfson of Wolfson Literary wasn’t my first choice, mostly because I didn’t know she existed when I started my search, but when Michelle and I talked, we connected. From the very first call I knew that she was passionate about my writing. Her other clients loved her, and my gut instinct was to go for it. So I said yes.

And editors? Well, they said no. Despite Michelle’s work, we couldn’t find a home for that novel. It was too commercial, not commercial enough, too slow, too fast, too old for the market, too much not enough something. Those few months were brutal. But I had something I didn’t have while querying—a professional, someone on my side who believed in my writing for no other reason than that she liked it. And so while I waited, I wrote. Three books. When it was time to pick a new manuscript to send out, I spent the next four months polishing my choice. I workshopped it with critique partners. I cut ten thousand words. I pulled it apart and pieced it back together and combed those lines until they shined.


When I couldn’t make it better, I was more than a little nervous to send it to Michelle. I knew she didn’t like “creature” books, and this was so different than the book she signed me for I wasn’t sure what she’d think. Where my first book was third-person, moody and intense, this book was first-person, showcasing a very chatty, sarcastic narrator who was unwillingly immersed in the world of the paranormal—and regularly interacted with vampires, werewolves, hags, and even a mermaid best friend. Totally not Michelle’s thing.

When she loved it, we knew we had something special. The thought of going on submission again made me want to cry, but I wanted this, I had Michelle on my side, and another sub round couldn’t kill me. (Pack five stress pounds onto my body, sure, but definitely not kill me.) Less than a month after it went out, Paranormalcy sold in a three-book deal, in a pre-empt, to HarperTeen. My dreams of publishing were going to come true, with my dream house, no less. All from my agent’s slush, without a single celebrity acquaintance to my name.

I’m currently finishing up edits on the sequel, celebrating four foreign market sales, looking forward to my release, and enjoying being represented by such a savvy, dedicated agent, who signed me not for a book but for a career. I’m still a stay-at-home mom, just a little busier and with quite a bit more random, ecstatic dancing on a regular basis. I’m also proof that good writing and hard work trumps all. The system works.  You just have to work harder than it does, is all.



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0 thoughts on “How I Got My Agent: Kiersten White

  1. Paul Greci

    Yay for Kiersten!! This is a great story of persistance. You really have nothing to lose if you keep at it. But if you quit you’ve automatically taken yourself out of the game. I’m glad Keirsten kept playing and am looking forward to reading her books!!

  2. Shauna Kemp

    Wow, great post and I have already popped on over to Kiersten’s blog and read some posts, clicked follow and added it to my list of favorite blogs on my blog READ-WRITE-REVAMP. I am working on my first novel so I am not quite at this point, but I will remember this advice when I am, which I hope is sometime this year, and will not give up! Thank you for sharing your story. I love when writers share the path they took with other up-and-coming writers. I think it is nice. I also already love your blog. I have a favorite show I may have to add to my blog sidebar too that I’m just in love with no matter what. That is just too fun. Thank you for the inspiration and I look forward to your blog and your book! ~Shauna

  3. Kiersten White

    I am banging my head on the desk over the typo. My apologies! But if this is encouraging to anyone, I can live with a typo. (Okay, I’ll only lose one or two hours of sleep over it is all. Really.) (Or three.)

    I’m just so grateful for how things have worked out. Yay Michelle Wolfson! Good agents are an absolute must in the industry, and my fingers are crossed for everyone trying to find their perfect agent match right now.

    Now I’ve got to go enter a code to make sure I’m not a robot. I’ve been wondering that, myself…

  4. Christine

    Congratulations on your success. Reading your post reminds us all that talent and perseverance really does pay off.

    A special Thank You to chuck, for this amazing blog.

    Write well, write often ~ Christine

  5. Beth

    I write picture books, which is a step worse when you’re talking breaking into the market. After years of writing, I finally caught the attention of an editor in December, and I’m wishing very much that I had an agent to help me though a process that I hope ends with a contract. Thanks for a very encouraging article that there is hope.

  6. Weronika Janczuk

    Kiersten, I followed maybe 70% of your journey as you blogged about it, and whenever I stop by your blog these days I think about the photograph you posted of you and your kids, so very happy – that’s the greatest award. 🙂 Congrats, and I can’t wait to see this baby hit the bookshelves!

  7. Kristan

    Kiersten White rocks! Just in case anyone couldn’t tell from this blog post. I actually already knew how she got her agent, because I READ HER ENTIRE BLOG ARCHIVE LAST MONTH. Yes, all 2+ yrs and 600 or so posts. Why? No, not because I’m crazy. But rather, because Kiersten is funny, and talented, and informative. Again, just in case you couldn’t tell from this post.

    So, thanks for sharing your story, Kiersten! And everyone should go check out her blog, Kiersten Writes, right now!


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