Have You Successfully Marketed Your Self-Published Book? Then WD Wants to Hear From You!

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 2.33.15 PMCalling all self-published / independent book & e-book authors: Tell us about the promotional strategies that worked for you, and you and your book(s) could get even more visibility in the pages of Writer’s Digest magazine.

We’re looking for the inside stories from indie authors who’ve developed successful strategies for marketing their own books. If you credit your self-made promotional strategy for your book’s popularity, profitability or sales, we’d love to hear the details of what you did, how you did it, and what you’ve learned. Your insights—alongside your bio and information about your book—could appear in the pages of Writer’s Digest magazine.

To be considered for a spotlight in WD, simply answer the questions below and show us why you and your book(s) make a great example for other authors to follow. Email your responses (in the body of the email) to writersdigest@fwmedia.com with “IT WORKED FOR ME” in the subject line. Attach a hi-res cover image(s) of your book(s). In submitting your questionnaire, you are granting permission for your responses and cover image(s) to appear in Writer’s Digest magazine and other WD publications and/or on WritersDigest.com, and acknowledging that responses may be edited for space or clarity. Selected authors may be contacted for additional information.

Book/series title:

Genre (memoir, mystery/thriller, romance, mainstream fiction, etc.):

One-sentence description of the book/series:

Publication date(s):

Publication method(s) (specify print or e-book[s], and printing service or formatting service[s] used):

Distribution method(s):



Brief bio (beyond this particular book/series):


Social media handles:

My promotional strategy/philosophy, in a nutshell:

Why I decided to focus my efforts this way:

How I put my plan into action (specific steps taken, online and/or in person):

Which efforts worked best (including specific pricing, if relevant, and results, such as bursts in rankings or sales):

Other signs that readers were engaged (increased social media numbers, Goodreads buzz, etc.):

How much money and time I estimate to have invested in my promotional efforts:

Copies sold to date:

What I’d do the same with the next book:

What I’d do differently (or skip) with the next book:

Takeaways/lessons for my fellow writers:

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