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Gnome Attack Roundup: We Sell Japanese Language Rights; Screenplay Being Written; “Attack of the Garden Gnomes” Marching Band Music Actually Freaking Exists

Categories: Chuck Sambuchino's Guide to Literary Agents Blog, My Writing Life.

It’s been a while since I did any personal writing news, so here is an update of how things are going with my 2010 humor book How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack. It’s been about one year since the book came out, and there’s been some interesting developments. Here’s what’s been going on. (And if you want to read more about the adventures of having a book published, read all the posts in the “My Writing Life” category. There I discuss what it’s like to sell film rights, how I tracked my book sales, how book publicity works, and more.)





1. We sold Japanese rights to GNOMES! This is very exciting. We sold Italian language rights in mid-2010 but had lacked any good overseas news until this month. It was a nice bit of good news, because you make little sums of money for every territory you sell to overseas. Hopefully, it will sell to other countries, as well. (Come on, Germany!)

2. The screenplay to my book is in the process of being written. It took a while, but the film option of the book is finally complete. And since its official completion about a month ago, a screenwriter has been contracted to take a crack at a script for my book. I can’t wait to read it! It will likely be the most surreal experience yet!




Look at this above. It’s music you can buy. It’s absolutely real. I never imagined garden gnome attacks in terms of marching band music, but someone did. You can buy it and hear it here.


How to Survive a
Garden Gnome Attack


Media requests & interviews: If you would like a free review copy of Gnomes for an interview or roundup or any kind of mention, please contact me at literaryagent(at)fwmedia.com(dot)com and I will send your information to my publicist. Thanks!

More Gnome news: To see all the news & reviews & coverage of my book, click on “My Writing Life” at the top of this post.

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One Response to Gnome Attack Roundup: We Sell Japanese Language Rights; Screenplay Being Written; “Attack of the Garden Gnomes” Marching Band Music Actually Freaking Exists

  1. Patricia Hamill says:

    Congratulations on your acheivements. My son and I adore your book.

    I think the most enjoyment I experienced was imagining my reaction should I come across someone who tried to apply the advice in the book.

    I imagined myself coming across a lawn where garden gnome hats peppered a home made moat or seeing a creepy display of gnomes in various forms of garden battle gear surrounding an entryway. Then I took it a step further and envisioned the reactions of my friends and family if I where to stage some of the other scenarios in the book.

    All I can say is very well done. I hope you write another soon and wish you well as you continue to spread the word about the devious lawnwarriors.

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