The Newest Genre: Elegant Erotica

Elegant EroticaNot romance.
Not Penthouse. But a gentle blend
between the two.

We haven’t had a new genre on the blog since “Cyberbilly” back in July, so I was excited to make this post, even if it is 1 a.m.

This genre was coined by Verna Dreisbach at a speakers’ dinner. (Verna is the founder of Dreisbach Literary, and I posted about her not long ago.)

As far as what constitutes the genre, I can’t give you much more than the short explanation above.  Evidently, it’s material that has more juicy bits than romance, but isn’t pornography.  For some reason, I think of British erotica or something like that – naughty writing, but proper at the same time.

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6 thoughts on “The Newest Genre: Elegant Erotica

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  3. Sangay Glass

    Lol…but not that simple:)

    The term elegant erotica (EE) would not imply that the novel is just porn or a naughty story about bondage. Think of it as a subgenre that is coupled with a story with a deep and intense plot plot.

    Issues of sexuality among general male/female audiences play out like this, “I should not be liking this, but I want to shove my hand in my pants right now.”

    Dark comedy is also a good example of that kind of naughty indulgence. Take the movie Fargo:

    A kidnapped woman running around with a bag on her head runs into a tree in her panic. That should not be funny, but her kidnappers’ reactions were hysterical, so you laugh.

    The concept of naughty indulgence combined with a deep and intense plot would apply beautifully to Erotica too and it’s been done:

    Looking for Mr. Goodbar, The Postman Always Rings Twice, Body Double, Nine and a Half Weeks

    There can be EE, thrillers, mysteries, dramas, even a combo erotic dark comedy. I would say, Risky Business falls into that category. The limits are endless but,

    One thing is for certain…experience is necessary for the writer.

  4. Sangay Glass

    I’m working on a book with a companion website that fits this genre perfectly, and they are quite naughty without being raunchy. Thanks! I shall check out Verna Dreisbach, but I promise not to give her too hard of a SpaNK;)


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