Contest for Romance Writers

Thanks to the Writer Beware blog, I heard about a good writing competition for romance scribes.

It’s called the First Chapters Romance Writing Competition, and writers can submit until Aug. 22.

All the nitty-gritty details are online, but the basics are these: The contest calls for full romance mss that have never been published, save those that were self published. There were be online judging early on by peers, then the winners get money and publication (through Simon & Schuster).

See the site and read the details thoroughly. All in all, it sounds like a solid contest. If you were able to prove yourself through winning (or at least doing very well) in such a competition, agents may come a’ knockin.

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One thought on “Contest for Romance Writers

  1. Gabriella Lucas

    I participated in Gather’s First Chapters Fiction Contest last January – at first glance it sounds like a great shot at pubication. Here’s the problem – everyone who comes to Gather to read your First Chapter can comment in a blog about it – most people snipe, degrade and humiliate. Then it turns into a comments war that has little to do with critique of your writing. Worse yet, at the end of the day (or I should say at the end of your limited time with your chapter up on-line), the voting of the "Gather Community" makes or breaks you and last year’s competition ended up being the subject of numerous newspaper articles because of how ‘fixed’ it appeared to be. One person in the top ten worked for Gather. Many, many writers who had high, high scores, consistently 9 and 10’s suddenly, RIGHT before their chapters went off-line, were subjected to what we authors called ‘drive-by ones,’ clearly targeting high scorers to bring them down. There was nothing fair or objective about this contest. It’s a waste of an author’s time.


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