F+W’s Summer Sale Means 40% Off Our Products. Got Questions About Agents or Platform? Get Some Help with These Discounted Books

Right now, F+W (WD’s parent company) is having a Friends & Family Summer Sale, and most things in our Writer’s Digest Shop are 40% off through end of day, Sunday, June 7, 2015. That’s a big discount. You can get most things like webinars, bundles and books 40% cheaper than usual. (And yes, the discount applies to our lowest price on each item.) Just use the code FFSUMMER40 when checking out.

If you’ve ever thought about buying either one of my more recent writing guides, now is a time to get them and save some dough on the purchase.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 3.39.23 PM

GET A LITERARY AGENT is a complete instructional guide on how to find and secure an agent. While the Guide to Literary Agents is a big Yellow Pages of agents, it lacks the space for me to include all the advice I had on how to find a rep. But this new guide allowed me to spell everything out — from how to write a query to how to research agents to everything in between. More than 110 agents chimed in with quotes and advice for the book.

CREATE YOUR WRITER PLATFORM is a guide that helps writers understand how to market themselves and their work. It can help both self-published and traditionally published writers — assisting them both pre-publication and post-publication. It explains fundamental marketing concepts, such as piggybacking on the work of others, understand how to make your content & posts valuable, and making connections that will lead to publicity, promotion, and sales. If you’re a writer who has questions about marketing your work, this book can help you.

Besides these two books, there are oodles of other products on the site that can help you, and that 40% discount goes a long way on higher-priced items like our webinars (both live ones in the coming weeks, and recorded ones on file). Pop by the Writer’s Digest Shop and enjoy the sale!

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