Footnotes: 6 Articles on Building a Platform

Footnotes is a recurring series
on the GLA blog where I pick a subject and provide several interesting
articles on said topic.
Most writers need one but don’t know how to get one. Of course I’m talking about platform, and this week, I’m serving up 6 articles on developing your visibility.

1. What’s a platform? Check out this post from the Killzone blog.

2. It’s all about marketing. Freelancer Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen discusses 10 ways to build your writing platform.

3. Author platform vs. writing platform. Before you have an author platform, you’ll need a writing platform, says Get Known Before the Book Deal author Christina Katz in this column.

4. Creating a platform. On the KC Writers blog, Dorinda Ohnstad discusses her plan for world domination via a writing platform.

5. Mythbuster. On the Writer Unboxed site, WD Publisher Jane Friedman dispels some myths about audience development.

6. Bite-sized tips for building your platform. Fiction writer Lindsey Edwards offers tips for both fiction and nonfiction writers.

This guest series by writer
Nancy Parish, who runs her
blog, The Sound and Furry.

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