Footnotes: 4 Articles on Self-Publishing

Footnotes is a recurring series on the GLA blog where I pick a subject and provide several interesting articles on said topic. This week, I’m serving up four articles on self-publishing.

1. Is it soup yet? Becky Levine raises the question: How do you know if your self-published manuscript is ready for primetime?

2. Do you still need a publisher if you go the ebook route? JA Konrath discusses the advantages of self publishing via ebook.

3. Reeling ‘em in. You can hook an agent for your self-published book with a solid sales record—and a little finesse.

4. Should you self publish? Nathan Bransford provides 10 questions to ask yourself before answering yes.

This guest series by writer
Nancy Parish, who runs her
blog, The Sound and Furry.

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