Footnotes: 4 Articles on Agent Pet Peeves

Footnotes is a recurring series on the GLA blog where I pick a subject
and provide several interesting articles on said topic. You’ve revised
your manuscript and polished that query letter until it’s nice and
shiny; now it’s time to submit to agents. But before you send that
query, check out this list of articles regarding agent pet peeves.

1. A professional e-mail. If you’re using that cute nickname your boyfriend gave you as your e-mail address, you may want to change it.
2. Resubmit? What’s the protocol for contacting the agents you’ve submitted to once you receive an offer? Agent Elana Roth discusses her thoughts on the subject.
3. A big list. Here’s a “cornucopia” of agent pet peeves for you to check out.

4. Pass on phone calls. If you you’re thinking about pitching an agent over the phone, please think twice.      

This guest series by writer
Nancy Parish, who runs her
blog, The Sound and Furry.

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