First WD Editors Intensive Conference = Great

For the first time ever this past weekend (2009), we opened the doors here at F+W Media to a large gathering of writers for a small conference on the business and craft of writing. I’m pleased to say the event was a success. I, for one, was wondering how the whole thing would go downbeing that such an event was brand new. But everything went smoothly and that was nice.

If you were in attendance at the event, thank you for coming in. I know a lot of people flew in. We had writers from California, Florida, Puerto Rico and Vancouver. Probably a whole lot more places, but we didn’t have them list off their hometowns.

I taught two workshops—both about agents. Those went off without a hitch.

A panel of editors answer
questions. From left: Writers
Online Workshops coordinator Joe
Stollenwerk; WD Editorial Director Jane
CWIM editor Alice Pope; and myself.
Each attendee got 50 pages of their
work critiqued by an editor.

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