February Premium Kit is "Find an Agent." Tons of Stuff for a Deep Discount.

The WD Premium Collection Bundle Kits are new this year and they’re very simple in nature. We bundle a ton of stuff relating to a topic—in this case, Getting an Agent—and we sell the bundle of awesome material at 66% off. Easy peasy. There were 100 bundles for the February kit and as of writing this only 13 remain. Grab one before they’re gone!

WD’s February “Get an Agent”
Kit Includes:

  1. Formatting and Submitting Your Manuscript: With over 100 examples of articles, chapters, poetry and more, this book will help you prepare your manuscript to submit to agents and publishers.

  2. The 2011 Guide to Literary Agents: Find the best agent to represent your work. With 90+ pages of original articles, and contact information for more than 550 individual agents, the Guide to Literary Agents has been writer’s best resource to find an agent for more than 20 years.

  3. Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters: Craft powerfully persuasive letters that connect with agents. With dozens of sample letters, this book is a must-have for any writer who wants to get published.

  4. Exclusive Agents Interview Download: Get 20 of our best agent interviews from the GLA blog, including Kelly Mortimer, Laney Katz Becker, Steve Laube, Kate Epstein, Diane Freed and more!

  5. NEW! 2nd Draft Query Letter Submission: Expert critique of your 1 page query letter. You’ll learn what’s effective, what’s not, and—most importantly—how to correct it!

  6. “How to Land a Literary Agent” On-Demand Webinar: This webinar teaches you how to research and identify appropriate agents for your work, initiate contact, and gives you the inside scoop on what agents are really looking for in a new author.

  7. “Sell Your Stuff: How to Get Your Novel or Memoir Published” On-Demand Webinar: Learn the secrets to selling fiction and memoir, from crafting a first chapter that hooks readers to composing a killer query—and everything in between in this on-demand webinar, presented by agent Rachelle Gardner.

  8. “How Agents and Editors Decide” On-Demand Webinar: Learn what catches the eye of an agent or editor—whether it’s fiction or nonfiction—and how to make your project stand out from the crowd.

  9. Get an Agent Digital Issue: This special digital issue from Writer’s Digest will help you learn key steps to getting an agent, including how not to start your book, the details of what agents do, and tips on negotiating terms with a prospective agent.

This exclusive premium collection is valued at $374.95, but while supplies last, you pay only $129.00 (a savings of 66%). Order yours here.

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