Words of Wisdom: Moving on to a New Agent

Q. I recently parted ways with my agent after a few years of representation. As I move forward, do I tell a prospective agent that I previously worked with another agent?  If I am fortunate enough to find another agent, do I send copies of the publishers’ rejection letters so there won’t be a duplication of effort?

A. “Absolutely, and you should be able to speak to what did and did not work in the relationship with your former agent. Candor is the best policy; it prevents most misunderstandings and can even lead to a more creative and productive agent/client relationship. Most agents will want to see where the work has been submitted. It is possible, depending on the agent’s clout and access, that previous submissions won’t matter to him or her.”
      – William Clark, founder of Wm Clark Associates; printed from the 2007 edition of GLA.

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