Event Spotlight: The Homeric Writers’ Retreat and Workshop on the Isle of Ithaca (Aug. 2-8, 2012 in Greece)

If you’re considering a writing event this year, but are looking for just as much of an opportunity to sit down and write as you are to learn from presenters, then join me at the Homeric Writers’ Retreat and Workshop from Aug. 2–8, 2012. It’s held on the beautiful Greek isle of Ithaca—a perfect place to soak in the sunshine and let the creative juices flow. And in addition to the amazing scenery to help you write, there are a few daily sessions as well as several personalized critiques (manuscript pages, query, synopsis, proposal) for all attendees, taught and given by publishing pros. Learn more below.





  1. Lots of workshops. Every day in Greece, there will be at least two workshops on writing and publishing. The topics include:
    • Chapter 1 Do’s and Don’ts—How to Start Your Story Right
    • Everything You Need to Know About Literary Agents
    • How to Turn Your Writing Exercises and Excerpts in Publishable Works
    • How to Write a Query Letter
    • What Editors Want—Professional Writing Practices to Get Published
    • How to Write a Synopsis
    • The 6 Keys to a Perfect Pitch
    • The Basics of Social Networking—How to Get Started with Blogging and Twitter
    • 12 Tips on Building Your Writer Platform and Selling More Books
    • Have I Really Written a Poem?
    • The Business of Scriptwriting: You’ve Written a Play or Screenplay—Now What?
    • How to Sell Articles to Magazines and Newspapers


  2. Lots of personal critiques for your writing (by me). Every attendee of the retreat will receive the following critiques listed below. (Please note that there is no expiration date on these critiques. If you are attending the retreat as an opportunity to simply get in the sun and write, you can cash in these critiques up to 1 year later.) Critiques include:
    • An intense critique/edit of the first 50 pages of your work, no matter what you’re writing. Since the beginning of your book is of the utmost importance, special care will be given to make suggestions as to how your story should start strong.
    • A comprehensive critique of your query letter. Your query is the first contact literary agents will have you. It’s important to make it effective and tight.
    • A comprehensive critique of your synopsis. If an agent or editors wants to see how the outline of your tale—beginning, middle and end—they’ll ask for a synopsis.
    • If you’re writing nonfiction, a comprehensive critique of your nonfiction book proposal


  3. Other resources to help you get published. All attendees will receive a pair of books on writing (decided depending on their areas of interest—craft, business, memoir, kids, etc.) as well as personal market recommendations for your work.


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The retreat gives you the opportunity to do three things: 1) learn about writing, 2) make some free time to sit down in a beautiful place and write, and 3) actually walk around and enjoy that beautiful location firsthand. The event’s organizer, author Jessica Bell, has put together an amazing list of events & excursions for all attendees. See the entire list online here. We’ll be visiting different cities on the island, taking a guided tour of the ruins thought to be the school of Homer many years back, and visiting a monastery. There’s more, too—including a dancing festival to behold. See it all here. (I’ve never been to Greece and this all looks pretty amazing to me. This island is beautiful!)



The retreat will be held at the Nostos Hotel in Frikes, Ithaca—an island of Greece. All details are available on the retreat website. Attendees can stay at the Nostos Hotel or rent a nearby villa. There are opening and closing dinners. Organizer Jessica Bell lives in Greece and is standing by to answer your questions about ferries, hotels, travel, and anything else. Just check out the “Contact & Questions” page on the website.




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