Create an Awesome Premise That Hooks Readers (and Get Yours Critiqued) – New June 27 Webinar

The most common mistake writers make happens long before they ever set pen to paper. Author, instructor, and story expert Lisa Cron will unravel exactly what the brain is hungry for in her all new webinar, “Create an Engaging Premise in 4 Steps and Deliver the Story a Reader’s Brain Craves.” It happens at 1 p.m., Thursday, June 27, 2013. (Keep in mind you do not have to make the live event to get all elements of a webinar.)

Lisa will walk you through the four steps necessary to create a premise that delivers these much-craved-for elements. You’ll learn how to properly frame the “what if” that sparks every premise, how to zero in on exactly who your protagonist is, how to find an opening that instantly makes the clock start ticking, and how to unearth your protagonist’s internal struggle (which the plot will then put to the test).  Stop writing blind. There’s no reason to spend months (or years) rooting around in your plot, hoping to find a story. Arm yourself with a little brain science, and a lot of story know-how. Go into your next novel more confident, in control, and inspired!



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All registrants are invited to submit their story premise for review and critique. All submissions are guaranteed a written critique by story expert Lisa Cron.


  • Why knowing a little brain science is the most important information a novelist can have
  • What the reader’s brain craves in every story, and what keeps them reading
  • Why rooting around in your plot for your story is a fruitless task
  • Why writing a premise will save you months (if not years) of time
  • The four steps to writing a premise that can serve as the foundation of your entire novel
  • How nailing your premise allows you to be more creative when you write
  • How to use your premise as a yardstick to keep your story on track. Sign up for the webinar here.


Lisa Cron is the author of WIRED FOR STORY: THE WRITER’S GUIDE TO USING BRAIN SCIENCE TO HOOK READERS FROM THE VERY FIRST SENTENCE (Ten Speed Press). She has worked in publishing at W.W. Norton, as an agent at the Angela Rinaldi Literary Agency, as a producer on shows for Showtime and CourtTV, and as a story consultant for Warner Brothers and the William Morris Agency. Her passion has always been story, and she currently works as a story coach helping writers, nonprofits, and journalists wrangle the story they’re telling onto the page. Since 2006, she’s been an instructor in the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program.

Sign up for the webinar here.

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