Craft a Great Hook & Amazing First Pages: Your 2 Tools to Get an Agent — July 25, 2013 Webinar (with Critique) by Agent Jessica Regel

You only get one chance to make a first impression—and that one chance with a reader lasts only minutes. It is no longer acceptable for a book to “get good on page 40.” From your hook (the one-sentence logline you use to describe your book) to the first page of your novel, it’s critical to grab the reader’s attention immediately—whether that reader is an agent, editor, or consumer. Not only do you want to quickly pull readers in with your story idea, you also need to establish your narrative voice as compelling, believable, talented, and authoritative. So how do you best accomplish this?

In this live webinar, “Hook, Line, and Sinker: How to Determine Your Book’s Hook and Craft an Attention-Grabbing First Page,” instructor and literary agent Jessica Regel will show you how to grab your reader’s attention with your hook and first page. The event happens at 1 p.m., EST, Thursday, July 25, 2013, and lasts 90 minutes. (Note that at least 3 agents have signed writers after critiquing their work through a WD webinar!) The early bird deadline for this webinar is July 18, 2013.



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All registrants are invited to submit the first 500 words of their novel and their one-line hook. All submissions are guaranteed a written critique by literary agent Jessica Regel. Jessica reserves the right to request more writing from attendees by e-mail following the event, if she deems the writing excellent.


  • How to write an attention grabbing one-line hook
  • When it’s appropriate to compare your book to another book
  • Why it’s important to hook the reader from the first page
  • Why a prologue may do you more harm than good
  • Common mistakes of first sentences and first pages
  • Overused beginnings and clichés that can drag down your work
  • The benefits and pitfalls of starting with action.  Sign up for the webinar here.


Jessica Regel has been with JVNLA since 2002. She maintains her own list of award-winning writers while also handling Film and Audio rights for the agency. Originally from Iowa, she was working at her local library when she was offered an internship at JVNLA and she promptly moved to New York City. After receiving her B.A. in English Literature from Hunter College, she became a full agent at JVNLA, representing both children’s and adult writers. With energy and persistence, Jessica works closely with her writers to develop and sell their work to publishing houses.  Sign up for the webinar here.


  1. Writers who are struggling to condense their novel’s hook into one line
  2. Writers currently composing a novel who want to make sure their work gets read
  3. Writers who have been rejected by agents and editors, and want to evaluate why their novel didn’t make the cut
  4. Writers who are getting page requests from agents, but falling short after that point
  5. Writers whose stories “get good on page 40”
  6. Writers who want a professional critique by a literary agent
  7. Anyone with non-novel publishing credits considering making the jump to fiction writing

 Sign up for the webinar here!

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