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Cover Band Venting

Cover Band Soap Opera: Biggest Show of the Year Approaches; Bandmates Cannot Agree on a Day to Practice Beforehand

Biggest show of the year coming up for my cover band – and coming up fast. This Friday, we are the lead Friday night band for a huge Catholic parish festival in a Cincinnati … Read more

Cover Band Soap Opera: Don't Mess With Kim, Our Sound Tech

At my last cover band show, we had a crazy drunk guy who was pretty out of control.  Unfortunately, our lead singer thought it wise to let Mr. Drunk up onstage early … Read more

Cover Band Soap Opera: Lead Singer and I Crash Acoustic Stage; Declare We're Playing a Second Song

Man, it’s amazing what you can do and get if you simply say that it’s your birthday. Example: My cover band lead singer and I were at a smaller bar in a … Read more

Cover Band Soap Opera: Lead Singer So Anxious to Sing One Song That He Cuts Prior Song Way Short

The lead singer of my cover band once described himself as “vain.”  From my point of view, it’s hard to argue with that.  For a case in point, let me take you … Read more

Cover Band Show Postponed; Weekend Plans Collapsing; Just Me and the Dog

Ugh.  My band’s show for this weekend was postponed because some guy at some bar wrote down wrong dates for when we were supposed to play.  Buzzkill.  And to think, we were … Read more

Cover Band Soap Opera: Lead Singer Blanks; Praises Non-Existant Band

My cover band usually plays three sets of music, with about 16-18 songs in each set.  The set list is always in flux – new songs added, old songs taken away, stuff … Read more

Cover Band Soap Opera: Lead Singer Screams the Word 'Snatchypoo' Into the Microphone; Crowd Understandably Perplexed

Our lead singer is a peculiar fellow.  The man says whatever is on his mind and doesn’t bother to consider anything like, oh, ramifications, or say – if a woman will smack … Read more

Cover Band Soap Opera: I Decide Not To Play 'The Joker (Space Cowboy)'; Bandmates Red-Faced With Anger

We had a show last night (and actually have another tonight, as a matter of fact).  So we’re in the middle of the third set, and our drummer kicks off “The Joker” … Read more

Cover Band Soap Opera: I Suggest Canceling Some Shows; Bandmates Suggest I'm the Antichrist

Song we’re working on right now: New Age Girl (Mary Moon) by Dead Eye Dick.  Comedian Darrell Hammond once joked that there are certain arguments where you can just sense will end … Read more

Old School Rap Medley Decision … and the Hunt for Catholic Parish Festivals

Well, I put out an APB for a good old-school rap song to include in an old-school rap medley.  We got a bunch of good suggestions, and we ended up going with … Read more

Looking for an Old-School Rap Song Suggestion for a Cover Band Medley

So my cover band is putting together an “Old School Rap Medley” to feature older rap from the late 80s and early 90s – mostly songs that were fairly bad yet incredibly … Read more

Cover Band Soap Opera: Which John Mellancamp Song Should We Play?

At my last cover band gig (here in Cincinnati), band members decided it was time to learn a few more new songs, such each of the four of us get to pick … Read more

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