Cover Band Soap Opera: Which John Mellancamp Song Should We Play?

At my last cover band gig (here in Cincinnati), band members decided it was time to learn a few more new songs, such each of the four of us get to pick two songs a piece.

I definitely want to get a Mellancamp song.  But should it be Jack & Diane or should it be Hurts So Good?  I’m definitely leaning one way but I don’t want to say what it is.  I want to see if anyone has a passionate opinion about it.  Which one would be better for a bar where we get people up and dancing?

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17 thoughts on “Cover Band Soap Opera: Which John Mellancamp Song Should We Play?

  1. Rebecca Thrower

    John Mellencamp is a musicians musician. "HURTS SO GOOD" is a classic and a personal favorite—but Alice suggested "I NEED A LOVER" which is the sum total of my recent dating experiences….my last date was with a guy who has taken a vow of celibacy….the dude before that took me out for coffee but wanted me to know he’s dating 2 other women. Currently, Mr. Wrong is _____ing his song writing career from his parents basement. AND I’M SCREAMING FROM the roof of a PARKING LOT.

    Ouch. It hurts so good that I need a lover.

  2. Katharina Gerlach-Kolata


    I’d suggest "Hurt so good" (my personal favorite)

    By the way, I find this exceedingly funny. John Mellencamp is related to my best friend (around a few corners) and I wrote a novel about her family history. I never thought I’d stumble over him on a site related to my writing.


  3. Robin Mizell

    I agree with Alice. I think. (I had to read your comment twice, Alice.) And, Chuck, had you even been born when those songs first came out? I mean, I just saw GRAN TORINO, and the house in which Clint Eastwood’s character lives is, uh, pretty much a replica of the one I just sold. Same plaster walls, same light fixtures, same folding lawn chairs. You need the right car to go with those songs. Anyone have an idea what model that would be?

  4. Bradley Robb

    Depends – are you going for a strict genre swap, an honest cover, or something closer to Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies – that is a genre swap for ironic and comedic affect?

    If it’s the first two, "Hurts So Good" is easily recognized. But, I wouldn’t overlook something like "Cherry Bomb," which has a naturally danceable beat. If you speed that beat up to accommodate the more frantic rhythm associated with punk music, the song would retain the best elements of both.

    However, I think the best fit solution for your cover band would be "Authority Song."

  5. Angie

    Definitely Hurts So Good, if you want people to dance. Jack and Diane has a lot of pauses, and a beat that is too fast for slow dancing but too slow for much else. Great song to listen to, but Hurts So Good is much better for dancing!


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