Cover Band Soap Opera: What Do Our Concert Ticket Stubs Say About Us?

My rock cover band had a show last night. Combined with that, I went to my first concert in years the other night – seeing Stone Temple Pilots at Riverbend here in Cincinnati (and Scott Weiland fell off the stage, btw). The whole week got me thinking about how my musical preferences of today (and in turn, what I play with the band and how I play musically) are shaped by my musical upbringing. So I opened my memory box and pulled out my concert ticket stubs of old. Here they are. Anybody at any of these shows?

Concert tickets I could not find, sadly, include REM, Saliva, and Van Halen (2004). And I know Rocky Horror is not a concert, but your first RHPS show in person is still a noteworthy experience.

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4 thoughts on “Cover Band Soap Opera: What Do Our Concert Ticket Stubs Say About Us?

  1. Sherry Stanfa-Stanley

    A few years after RHPS came out, I saw Tim Curry in concert at the old Agora club in Toledo (a really small, personal venue). Bought a fabulous t-shirt there, with a photo of Curry and the words, "Behave Badly."

    I regret not saving three decades of concert stubs, but I especially regret losing that t-shirt.

  2. missnyet

    hehe, I liked the Gwar ticket in here…Always an experience as well, like the RHPS. i saw Gwar in the early nineties in amsterdam. i also keep my ticket stubs, except that they are in 2 large candy jars that are completely stuffed with tickets and passes. yes, i like live music.

  3. Lisahgolden

    That’s a great collage with a wide range of music. I’m afraid my collage would scream "You are older than you think!" It would include stubs from a Chicago show at Riverbend circa 1984, R.E.M. in 1989 at the now gone Coliseum, Stevie Nicks and Joe Walsh in 1983, Loverboy at about the same time and the Violent Femmes at Bogarts in 1986. Yikes.

    Next time I’m back home I want to see your band!


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