Cover Band Soap Opera: 'Use Somebody' Debut = Disaster; Redemption Comes at End of Night

We started our last show early – 9 p.m.  We were expecting to have not a whole lot of people milling around.  What we weren’t prepared for was a whopping three dudes in the audience. (It just goes to show you that playing later is always better.)

So, with three dudes in the audience, we decide to premiere “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon.  Let me ask you something: Have you ever seen a cover band stop in the middle of a song?  Didn’t think so.  Well, we started playing the song and this train just came off the rails.  I’m talking No Man’s Land here.  So somewhere near the guitar solo, we just stopped the song and laughed.  A look out to the audience revealed … zero listeners.  We drove off the three paying customers.  Awesome.

The night goes on and the people start to come in.  We’re having fun.  Gulp.  First drink goes down.  Gulp.  Second one, too.  Then we start to discuss playing “Use Somebody” a second time and getting it right.  For some reason, our lead singer mentions our idea to the bar owner, who responds by personally asking us NOT to play the song again for fear it will drive away the crowd. 

OK, Mr. Bar Owner – we got ya, no problem.  Gulp.  Third drink.  Gulp.  Fourth is delicious.  Hmmm – starting to rethink plan.  We all agree: Yeah, we’re letting this baby loose.  It’s time for round two.  So, for our last song, we let “Use Somebody” fly again.  It.  Was.  Awesome.  It probably wasn’t perfect, but in our mind it was.  So what’s the moral here?  Alcohol solves all ills?  Kings of Leon unites the world?  Cover band guitarists rock?  Just the first two?  I’m still working it out.

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