Cover Band Soap Opera: Types of People at Shows, Vol. 2

Looking through all the pictures of my cover band shows, you start to see the same things over and over again. In other words, a lot of people who come to our shows fall under a certain grouping, and these posts will help show you some of the characters we see over and over again. Here is Volume 2 (see Volume 1 here). Note: These are all real photos from my cover band shows. (I even know some of these people.)


Creepy Staring Guy (homo sapien crisis midlifis) is a harmless nuisance, but an unnerving one nonetheless. He oftens stands awkwardly close to the band, usually staring at the guitarist or bassist, sometimes without blinking for long periods of time. He’s either a musician, examining the band’s skill at close range, or just a very strange guy.


When that fourth drink has kicked in, these are girls who want to one thing: Dance! And dance they will. When one decides to cross the audience-band border, the floodgates are open, and more follow. Never mind the smiles and friendly demeanor of Stage Girls (homo sapien dancus babus); the truth is: They’re very dangerous. Stage Girls result in the most amount of accidents per capita for cover bands worldwide. They spill drinks on surge protectors; they bump your mic; they try to play the instruments. It’s all very crazy.



Who cares that he wasn’t invited onstage? This man is so sure of himself that he’s coming up anyway. Drink in hand, he’s a wild dude (homo sapien drunkus annoyus). There’s no rhyme or reason as to when he’ll suddenly grab the lead singer’s mic and belt out a lyric. It’s all random (fun!) and he likes it that way. Sure, you can ask him to leave the stage, but he’ll be back, and he’ll be drunker next time.

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