Cover Band Soap Opera: Trip Down Memory Lane; Were You a Band Geek Too?

I’m lucky to have my rock cover band because it gives me an outlet for music in my life.  But the cover band is just the latest outlet.  It all started with, you guessed it, high school band.  Marching band, concert band, jazz band – you name it.

Were you a bando, too?  If you were, you do know that we are like fraternal brethren – kinda like cops, right?  OK, just checking.  I went to a high school football game on Friday and this cool band did their thing at halftime.  I was awash with memories.  Band is a year-round thing, and it dominated my life for almost six years. Six. Glorious. Years.


Lower brass rocks the house.
And to answer your question,
yes, I can only read bass clef.

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6 thoughts on “Cover Band Soap Opera: Trip Down Memory Lane; Were You a Band Geek Too?

  1. Finny

    I was totally a clarinetist. I’ve successfully corrupted my nephew with books & a budding interest in taking on my clarinet too. 🙂 I loved it.

    I back Piccolo Patty’s feelings that marching was best! I was a "band captain" and in charge of making sure everyone in my section was in their spot in order to form the right image on the field. Best times of high school, actually. Well, other than hanging out with the hot boys from the water polo team that were "forced" to join the swim team. =D

  2. Piccolo Patty

    I played flute for five years–we were your basic "Let’s give the kids some culture by making them play Hot Crossed Buns!" outfit. But marching was the best. Every year the band would learn to walk in formation and I was simply giddy–proud, oh yes I was, to play the four-note "Let’s go band!" One year we had glow-in-the-dark band shirts. Our conductor thought it’d be a great idea to turn off the lights at a concert–not realizing they were the kind that take five minutes to warm up. Complete darkness. Chaos. Hundreds of kids shrieking and tearing around and happening to crash into their crushes. It was awesome.

  3. Scraps

    7 years of baritone in school, several more after as part of a church "orchestra" (we were a baritone, a flute, a saxophone and a violin) with a few forays into trombone and tuba on the way. If I go to a football game, it’s to watch the halftime show. (It always irritated me that the televised college games always went to commercials and commentary during half-time; such a waste!)

  4. Kerrie Flanagan

    I too was a total band geek. I started playing clarinet when I was in 5th grade. As the years went on I also played mellophone in marching band and sax in jazz band. My senior year I was even the drum major for our 180 piece marching band. My whole life revolved around band and I loved it!

    By the way–love the picture.


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