Cover Band Soap Opera: Trip Down Memory Lane; Band Geeks Rule (and Lower Brass is the Best)

I was a 100% band geek in high school. All the stuff I do with my cover band today can be traced back to 6 years of marching and concert band. In a previously-posted photo, you can see me playing the trombone. In the photo below, that’s a baritone horn.

What does it all add up to? Lower brass roots, baby. Anyone who’s ever been in Band knows that there is a long-time feud between upper brass (trumpets, etc.) and lower brass. And if you’re wondering, yes, lower brass is much cooler.

What about you? Any other band nerds out there? What did you play? Was there another section of the band who you didn’t like? Those stinky trumpeters, perhaps? By the way: How do you make a trombone sound like a french horn? Put your hand in the bell and miss a lot of notes. BOO-YAH. Back up. 

I bet you didn’t know that,
as of freshman year, I was the
illegitimate son of Rod Blagojevich.

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5 thoughts on “Cover Band Soap Opera: Trip Down Memory Lane; Band Geeks Rule (and Lower Brass is the Best)

  1. Scraps

    That’s a marching baritone, to boot! Cool–I never had one of those. I played baritone for 7 years (middle and high school) and still have one that I play now and then. Jazz trombone got thrown in for a few semesters here and there and then there was the tuba part for the ensemble–how I (the only girl of the quartet) got nabbed to play the tuba part I’ll never know but I nearly passed out trying to play that first note! (Of course we did fab at State, though.)

    Bank Geek forever!

  2. Kristan

    Woooow, Chuck. You look pretty awesome in that photo. 😛

    I wasn’t a band geek, but I *was* on the dance drill team, so we spent a lot of time out practicing with you guys.

  3. fivecats

    the son of a friend of mine is starting marching band — playing the glockenspiel. (we think he chose it so he could have marching band cred while staying in the pit) i read a picture book about a kid playing the glockenspiel and i thought it was the coolest instrument ever.

    then, as a teen ager, i started playing the guitar. 🙂

    i love the myspace photo of you with your guitar. i realize you want to put a Professional Face to this blog, but i’ll be more comfortable dealing with the guy lovin’ playing with the band on stage.


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