Cover Band Soap Opera: Top 5 Craziest Moments From Our New Year's Eve Show

Last night was my cover band’s New Year’s Eve show and it was everything we expected and more. Here are my Top 5 New Year’s Eve Moments:

5. Guest singer belts out a metal version of Lady Gaga. We invited guest singer Chad onstage to sing a metal version of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” (You can find the original metal version here that we based our rendition on.) Chad’s growling vocals took the crowd by surprise, and were a nice touch to the night.

4. Drunk man grabs the mic during Journey song; proceeds to suck. This happens from time to time and I’ve blogged about it before. Midnight was just minutes away, so we busted into “Don’t Stop Believin,” naturally. Everyone was singing with us. But later in the song, a guy from the audience, drunk as drunk can be drunk, grabbed one of the mics and proceeded to “help” our lead singer. Heavens to Betsy, he sucked.

3. Local FOX station blows the big countdown. All the TVs in the bar were set to the national broadcast of New Year’s Eve in Times Square, where there is a running digital countdown in the lower lefthand corner. We could easily see how much time was left before the New Year. Then, for reasons unknown, our local Cincinnati Fox affiliate switches to its local station two minutes before the Ball Drop. The clock disappears! My wife holds up her phone just after that to show that it’s just past midnight. We missed the moment. But the crowd was just as confused as we were, so we abruptly ended our song and started the countdown: “10 … 9 … 8 …” Everyone joined in with noise makers and shouts. Nice recovery.

2. We premiere “Take Me Home Tonight.” I’ve been lobbying to play this Eddie Money song for years, and after many, many months of nagging, the band agreed to learn it and play it just this once. It was awesome. Video forthcoming.

1. Lead singer falls over while performing “Creep.”
The band played for a long time. We must have done almost 60 songs during the night. However, the final two had a special place close to our heart — the 90s hits “Creep” by Radiohead, and “Zombie” by The Cranberries. We start into “Creep” at 2 a.m. after a very long night, and the song is going well. Then, during the intense bridge part, I hear the vocals just … go out. I was in my own little zone, so I peeked over to see if the lead singer had dropped the mic, or unplugged himself (which happens now and again). But he had fallen over! Apparently, during one note or another, he contorted his body in a scream and fell down. The strangest thing was: It really wasn’t a huge deal (because he recovered quickly), but he was so embarrassed about it that he mentioned the fall 6 more times over the remaining 1.25 songs, reminding everyone about his collapse at every opportunity.

To see all the zany adventures of my Cincinnati cover band, just click here.

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