Cover Band Soap Opera: 'Parrotheads' Attack the Stage; Crazy Buffett Fan Hits My Keyboard Repeatedly Without Invitation

We were playing a show the other day on the river and got word mid-show that a ferry was bringing a ton of people over after the Jimmy Buffett concert ended. 


The Buffett fans arrived en masse later in the night and a gaggle of drunken people immediately rushed up on stage to dance while we were jamming on “I Love Rock and Roll.”  Now – like I’ve written about before, having people onstage is cool and all, but it poses significant risks in terms of equipment damage.  Not only that, but you may notice our musicianship goes down drastically when people are onstage because we are so busy trying to keep everything in order that we tend to forget things like guitar licks, shaping a musical phrase or backup vocals.  

That said, definitely – definitely – the best part of the night was this: We were on the next song and I started to hear wrong notes.  Someone was playing wrong notes randomly.  I looked at the bassist and he was confused, too.  So then I look behind me at all the dancing people and there is this one really big dude with sunglasses dressed in a ridiculous sailor costume just hitting the keyboard repeatedly.  He was bobbing his head and this fake wig was going with the beat. 

I was like “DUDE. Stop!”  He obviously couldn’t hear me, because his response was, “Yeah, man!  This is AWESOME!”

So I push my way through some dancing people onstage, still playing my guitar at the same time, and unplug the keyboard power with one yank of a cord.  The guy just still hit those keys and danced for like 10 minutes after that. 

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One thought on “Cover Band Soap Opera: 'Parrotheads' Attack the Stage; Crazy Buffett Fan Hits My Keyboard Repeatedly Without Invitation

  1. Teresa

    Okay, but they’re Parrotheads so they get a complete "pass" on everything including what otherwise might be obnoxious behavior. Having just returned from Chicago and attending the "Summerzcool" Buffett concert, I may be biased, but I’m also correct. 😉


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