Cover Band Soap Opera: Lead Singer So Anxious to Sing One Song That He Cuts Prior Song Way Short

The lead singer of my cover band once described himself as “vain.”  From my point of view, it’s hard to argue with that.  For a case in point, let me take you back to a recent show.  It was late in the night, and the next song on the set list was “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” by Jet.  Just before we begin the song, he turns away from the crowd and pleads for us to instead substitute “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon instead. 

The band quickly votes no.  Why?  Because we just played Sex on Fire like 90 minutes ago in the night.

So why would the lead singer want to play the song again?  Simple.  He sings that song very well and that makes him look cool with the ladies.  The man’s got a great rock voice, but on some songs in particular, he’s got an outstanding rock voice – and that Kings of Leon song is one of them. 

So the band quickly votes 3-1 in favor of sticking to the original plan, but little did we all know that the lead singer was cooking up a plan of his own.  We start in on the Jet song, and everything’s fine.  Then, about 1:20 (halfway) through the song, there is a pause in the music, and the singer is supposed to say “Are you gonna be my girl?”  Instead, he takes the mic and announces that the band will now play “Sex on Fire.”

Boom.  In your face, bandmates.

I hate it when he does that.  If he wants to play something, he simply announces to the crowd that it’s coming next.  Pretty hard to argue then.  So I have to apologize to anyone in the crowd who was digging that Jet song, because we just stopped playing halfway through and started in on Sex on Fire … again.

But his voice did sound great on that song, I suppose. Sigh.

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