Cover Band Soap Opera: Lead Singer Screams the Word 'Snatchypoo' Into the Microphone; Crowd Understandably Perplexed

Our lead singer is a peculiar fellow.  The man says whatever is on his mind and doesn’t bother to consider anything like, oh, ramifications, or say – if a woman will smack him in the face after hearing his words.  Despite this lack of reason or a verbal filter, he still manages to attract the ladies at an amazing rate.  I have no idea how he does it, but they just gravitate to him – every single gig.  All this brings me to a recent show and one strange word that was released into the world.

So we’re just playing our set, right … and we wrap up a song, and then our lead singer grabs the mic and drunkenly says “OHHHH SNATCHYPOO!” 

Try to imagine this for a second.  You’re at a bar, drinking some drink, and the band wraps up a little Jimmy Eat World with a sweeping D Major chord.  And then the lead singer of the cover band yells this word at 110 decibels.

Why would anyone in their right mind say this?  Well, the word itself came about in practice.  When we would rehearse a new song and lock it down, the lead singer would say we had “snatched it up” and “put it in our pocket.”  Over the course of several months, those phrases slowly got boiled down to the simple, caveman-like “Snatchypoo.”  So it came around in practice, and it in practice it should have stayed, for the love of God and Jesus.  But he felt the need to share it with the world, and, for a moment, make us other band mambers wish we could open a magic Snickers bar and be transported to somewhere, anywhere else.  Understandably, the crowd was mystified as to what the hell was going on. 

You cannot control this man.  We can only hope to put out the fires quickly. 

“Hey, ladies…”

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2 thoughts on “Cover Band Soap Opera: Lead Singer Screams the Word 'Snatchypoo' Into the Microphone; Crowd Understandably Perplexed

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