Cover Band Soap Opera: Lead Singer Loses Voice at Show; Anarchy Ensues

If you’ve ever listened to my cover band play, you know that our lead singer has a decently cool voice.  He’s got good vocal range, and his voice has that grungy edge to it that makes our Nirvana and STP covers that much cooler.  And all this is leading to my next point: He completely lost his voice about six songs in (out of 50) at our show last night.


You ask: “So, Chuck … what happens when the lead singer loses his voice at a show?”  Well, I’ll tell you.  Chaos.  Absolute chaos happens.  First we tuned down our guitars a whole step to help him.  Then I started to sing every song with him to supplement his voice.  Then the bassist started singing as well.  All the songs became big, rowdy shout-em-outs instead of musical melodies.  When we realized Plan A sucked, we started inviting people up to sing with us (Plan B).  What we lost in musical quality, we tried desperately to regain in theatrics.  Well, that didn’t work so well so we went to Plan C.  End the damn night early. 

The lead singer

Dude.  Disaster.  But it was definitely a memorable show.  There’s no way this show will just fade away in my mind.  We jammed on “Hang on Sloopy”, had various guest singers, witnessed a fight outside the bar, and had a new enthusiastic soundman who kept pumping us up.  Never a dull moment. 

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