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Cover Band Soap Opera: Lead Singer Blanks; Praises Non-Existant Band

Categories: Cover Band Venting.
My cover band usually plays three sets of music, with about 16-18 songs in each set.  The set list is always in flux – new songs added, old songs taken away, stuff mixed and matched, etc.  BUT – we always (always!) end with the same song: “Zombie” by the Cranberries.  We have since our first show in that tiny podunk bar a year and a half ago, and we still do today.

So it came as quite a surprise when, at a recent show, our lead singer grabbed the mic and said, “Welll … Thanks for coming out … This is our last one of the night … This is a little tune by THE ZOMBIES!”

The Zombies?  Take that man’s ninth beer away.

On another note, how great is the song “Zombie” for real?  Jesus, I love that song.  It can be the worst show or the best show, but when we wrap up with that, we are start jumping around. 


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2 Responses to Cover Band Soap Opera: Lead Singer Blanks; Praises Non-Existant Band

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