Cover Band Soap Opera: Lead Singer and I Crash Acoustic Stage; Declare We're Playing a Second Song

Man, it’s amazing what you can do and get if you simply say that it’s your birthday. Example: My cover band lead singer and I were at a smaller bar in a college town recently and the entertainment was a guy with an acoustic guitar who was playing popular singalong hits.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get onstage and bust some stuff out?” my lead singer asks.
        I smile. “We can, man.”
        “No way.” He shakes his head. “Dudes like this never let someone cameo onstage.”
        “Oh yeah? Watch and learn”

I just walked up to the performer, who we will call Mr. Acoustic, and told him 1) it was my friend’s birthday, 2) my friend wanted to sing, 3) I could play the guitar while he sang, and 4) my friend COULD sing and would not be an embarrassment. The dude said, “Come on up.”


It all started well. We played “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers and the college kids ate it up. People just love that damn song. Anyway, the song ends, and I hit the A Major chord and the crowd cheers. Mr. Acoustic claps and smiles and starts to walk back up as if to say “Good job, guys … now gimme back my guitar.”

And then the lead singer does what he always does: something ridiculous.  He grabs the mic and says “Who wants to hear ANOTHER one?” Mr. Acoustic is kinda baffled. I’m like, “Hey man, we should get offstage.” The lead singer tells the crowd that some “Sex on Fire” is coming up, hot and fresh! (For another story about the lead singer’s fetish with this Kings of Leon song in question, click here.) 

So now there’s confusion all around, as the lead singer has just announced us playing a song that I can’t perform on an acoustic guitar (lots of weird bending), and we haven’t gotten permission to play. The crowd is now getting antsy. So we’re in a pickle, right? WRONG. I had foreseen this scenario because I know the lead singer is a loose cannon. So I bust into the two chords of Sublime’s “What I Got”. The crowd quickly digs it, the lead singer is satisfied, and Mr. Acoustic actually comes up the mic to sing it together with the lead singer. 


The lead singer even backs off the mic, motioning for Mr. Acoustic to take the reins and sing it himself. It came off as slightly magnanimous after all that nonsense.

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2 thoughts on “Cover Band Soap Opera: Lead Singer and I Crash Acoustic Stage; Declare We're Playing a Second Song

  1. Livia

    I see you’ve learned that the instrumentalists actually have all the power 🙂 I’m a vocalist in a band, so I can say that. We feel all important up front, but then the band starts in the wrong key, or plays a different song, and what can we do except just follow along…


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