Cover Band Soap Opera: I'm Reminded of 'Like a Virgin' Scene in Reservoir Dogs

My cover band had back to back awesome shows these last two nights.  Thursday was great because the Bengals won, and the crowd was in a festive mood because of that.  And Friday was fun, too.  The new drummer is getting acquainted, and all is well.

So here it is, Saturday afternoon, and I sit down with my acoustic to strum a little Jack & Diane when … I can’t. 

My fingertips hurt.  Wait – WHA?

You talk to anyone who’s learning to play the guitar and they all say the same damn thing.  “My fingertips are killing me!  How do you press down on the strings so hard?”  I just say “Stop whining and keep playing because you’ll have callouses soon.”  But here I am, the day after two shows, and my fingertips are killing me. 

Remember Mr. Brown’s explanation of “Like a Virgin” in Reservoir Dogs?  Well I feel like that right now.  It shouldn’t hurt, but it does. And I feel like a guitar virgin, and I’m 13 years old again.

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One thought on “Cover Band Soap Opera: I'm Reminded of 'Like a Virgin' Scene in Reservoir Dogs

  1. Jewel Allen

    I recently picked up my acoustic guitar again after several years, and it took me probably a week to get callused enough to want to go on. And then I picked up my band mate’s electric guitar (I am in a rock band, too) and decided, wow, what am I doing messing with an acoustic?

    Just kidding. I love love love playing on an acoustic. It’s worth the aching fingers.


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