Cover Band Soap Opera: I Decide Not To Play 'The Joker (Space Cowboy)'; Bandmates Red-Faced With Anger

We had a show last night (and actually have another tonight, as a matter of fact).  So we’re in the middle of the third set, and our drummer kicks off “The Joker” by Steve Miller Band.  Having had several drinks, and thinking these drinks have entitled me to pretty much do what I want, I spontaneously decide NOT TO PLAY – but rather to go out into the crowd and dance while the singer, bassist and drummer carry the tune.

Now – if you’re ever listened to this famous Steve Miller song, you know that it can survive very well without the guitar.  And plus, I sometimes go out into the crowd and dance when the band plays “No Woman No Cry.”  So, a little harmless dancing never hurt my cover band.  No big deal, right? 

Wrong.  Band = not so happy (read: jealous of awesomeness). Lead singer just keeps shooting me ridiculous looks, trying to sing the sweet sounds of Steve Miller and communicate “What the hell are you doing, Chuck?” at the same time.  It was great.  Drove the singer completely crazy. 

Anyway … he forgot the incident easily enough.  Onward.

Before I decided to leave the stage and dance.

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4 thoughts on “Cover Band Soap Opera: I Decide Not To Play 'The Joker (Space Cowboy)'; Bandmates Red-Faced With Anger

  1. Rebecca Thrower

    Webster’s New Dictionary English Language-
    gauche adh. "crude or tactless"…sorry Chuck, being cute is not an excuse for dissing the band.

  2. Rebecca Thrower

    I come from a long line of musicians and performers. The "ACT" comes before everything without exception. Whether you’re drunk, stoned, free-basing or free wheeling-you’re part of something bigger than your ego.

    Sorry, Chuck. This time I have to agree with the band. Opting to jettison your band to shake your (expletive/delete) is just gauche.


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