Cover Band Soap Opera: Don't Mess With Kim, Our Sound Tech

At my last cover band show, we had a crazy drunk guy who was pretty out of control.  Unfortunately, our lead singer thought it wise to let Mr. Drunk up onstage early on to sing a few words of a song.  This turned out to be a god-awful decision, because then Mr. Drunk wanted to be onstage all the time.  At one point, he even came up, released some primordial roar, then flailed and hit my microphone stand, which then toppled onto my guitar effects pedal, and all of a sudden I wasn’t playing with distortion any longer.  The whole thing just turned in a little Mousetrap-esque nightmare.

Anyway, the most interesting part of the whole ordeal was when Mr. Drunk came too close to our PA sound system.  That’s when Kim, our small yet dangerous sound tech, proceeded to shove him about ten feet away with a simple flick of her arms.  It was good to see her protecting our gear with such zeal, but then also humbling to know to she could destroy me at any time with her ninja skills. 

This is Kim. Mess with our
sound board, and she will
scissor-kick you.

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