Cover Band Soap Opera: Biggest Show of the Year Approaches; Bandmates Cannot Agree on a Day to Practice Beforehand

Biggest show of the year coming up for my cover band – and coming up fast.

This Friday, we are the lead Friday night band for a huge Catholic parish festival in a Cincinnati suburb here.  I had to go through the set list and remove any songs that had questionable content.  And then there are some songs that have questionable content, but are older and so beloved that no one seems to notice.


                          You Shook Me All Night Long?  YES
                          Bad Bad Girlfriend?  NO
                          Sex on Fire?  NO
                          Pour Some Sugar on Me?  YES
                          Feel Like Makin’ Love?  YES
                          Fat-Bottomed Girls?  YES
                          American Idiot?  NO
                          Stacy’s Mom?  NO
                          Gives You Hell?  NO

Anyway, despite the fact that our biggest show of the year (more than likely) is coming up in a mere five days, we couldn’t agree on a day to practice this week becuase of everyone’s schedules.  Geez Louise.  Like that isn’t a bad decision?  Nonetheless, I will be working my fingers to the bone this week to be ready for the show this weekend. 

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