'Worst Storyline Ever' Closed, Judging in Progress …

To all those of you who entered the “Worst Storyline Ever” contest last month, know that the contest is now closed and that entries are being judged.  I hope to have a winner picked out within one week of today. 

We received a lot of entries, so the judging won’t be easy!

“Worst Storyline Ever”

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3 thoughts on “'Worst Storyline Ever' Closed, Judging in Progress …

  1. Glennis Ackermann

    I’m Canadian so couldn’t enter but if I could:

    Unless Special Agent Smellsnice, an odour editor ‘par excellence’ can combat a catastrophe in 24 hours, the world will spontaneously combust from the stratospheric spike in flatulence gases being expelled by former carnivores that recently switched to vegetarianism in response to an epidemic of e-coli caused by a terrorist organization’s infiltration into the world’s meat production.

  2. Spencer Spellman

    What a great blog! I’ve been writing my first book over the last couple months and have been thinking about how to go about querying an agent and getting my book published. I look forward to spending a lot of time here. Thank you!


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