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2 thoughts on “Test Post

  1. Frank Frogge

    I’m writing the San Quentin Chronicles: a novel about the TRUTH. The names have been changed, to protect my Ass! (That’s why the novel is place of autobiography)
    The story is about my life in custody, both in the juvenile system as well as the California Department of Corrections. 16 years on the installment plan due to narcotics, and the behavior generated because of drugs. With all the raw descriptions that prison life entails. From the association with the Aryan brotherhood, and the Mexican Mafia to the madness that follows.
    For the last 16 yrs. I’ve turned my life around, working as a Substance Abuse CNSLR for L.A. County for 14 years, while earning a B.A. @ CSUB in 2006. James Frey’s ‘a Million Little Pieces” pales in comparison.


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