Conference Spotlight: 2009 Wyoming Writers Annual Conference

I need to give a shout out to the Wyoming Writers Annual Conference, a June 2009 event at which I’ll be presenting. The conference looks like a scenic opportunity for writers to get to the Mountain West, breathe some fresh air, and get plenty of writing and networking done.


June 5–7, 2009, in Casper, WY.

It looks to be a conference of medium size, but that isn’t a bad thing. Whereas bigger conferences draw more speakers and have more sessions, etc., small events have more personal time with pros and that means more attention for writers!


For starters, two-time United States Poet Laureate Ted Kooser. He is the keynote speaker and big catch for any conference. His awards and accolades are plentiful.

There will be at least one literary agent there: Meredith Kaffel of the Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency. I interviewed her recently and you can find that interview by clicking on the “Agent Advice” category link on the left hand side of this blog. About her: “
She represents a mix of children’s and adult projects, nonfiction and fiction. Meredith has a strong interest in edgy commercial and literary young adult fiction, narrative nonfiction, history, human rights stories, food and travel narratives, and voice-driven memoir.”


I will be there presenting on a whole host of topics and meeting with writers to give advice on queries and whatever else anyone wants to talk about. My presentation topics are:
1. Everything You Need To Know About Agents
2. What Editors Want: Professional Writing Practices
3. Building Your Freelance Portfolio (Writing for Magazines & Newspapers)

Besides that, I know I’ll be drinking a boatload of water to avoid altitude sicknesssomething I successfully dodged in Fort Collins before. The conference looks intimate and great. I hope to see you there!  Learn everything about the conference here.


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