Conference Spotlight: Tallahassee Book Festival & Writers Conference (March 18-20, 2011)

Live anywhere near the Florida panhandle? This writers conference and book festival in Tallahassee is two-in-one awesome. There will be agents and editors in attendance looking to sign up writers. Keep reading for details.

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The Tallahassee Book Festival and Writers Conference
is March 18
20, 2011, at the Monroe Street Conference Center and Holiday Inn, at Intersection of Graves Rd. and I-10, Tallahassee, FL. All details are online on a downloadable form.

The event is cosponsored by the Tallahassee Writers Association, Florida State University, Florida Book Awards, and the Leroy Collins Leon County Public Library


Agent Katharine Sands of the Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency will be taking pitches and looking for clients. So will agent Melissa Flashman of Trident Media. I will be in attendance teaching a variety of classes, all of which you can see on the schedule.

The keynote speaker is Cassandra King, author of The Same Sweet Girls and Queen of Broken Hearts. (Cassandra is also teaching.)


There will be instructional sessions on agents, pitching, nonfiction, characters, scriptwriting, children’s books, chapter books, description, revision, freelancing and more. There is a manuscript critique portion of the event, though the website page on that element is not yet updated.

And then on Sunday, March 20, from 1 to 5 p.m., you have the book festival! Meet authors and check out a lot of great books! The theme of the conference this year is “Florida Writes!” Check out the event, hit the book festival, listen to sessions and maybe even get an agent.


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