Conference Spotlight: Jackson Hole Writers Conference (June 23-26, 2011)

I’ve been to the Jackson Hole Writers Conference before, and let me tell you: It is probably the most beautiful location for any conference I’ve ever seen. The Grand Tetons, the cute little shops, all the hiking trails. The location, combined with a great faculty of agents, editors and authors, makes a compelling case as to why you should think about going to the 2011 Conference. If you were looking for a conference that doubles as a scenic vacation, this is as good as it gets. It’s also a great event to find a literary agent.

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The conference is from June 23–26, 2011, in Jackson, WY, held at the Center for the Arts.


Last time I was at the conference, my wife and
I went on a hot air balloon ride. Extraordinary.




  1. Rebecca Strauss, McIntosh & Otis, Inc.
  2. Amy Williams, McCormick & Williams.
  3. Seth Fishman, The Gernert Company 
  4. Kirby Kim, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment

There are also plenty of authors in attendance as well as editors (including me!). I will be teaching on how to market your books, as well as how to find a literary agent.



I know that a big part of this conference is the query letter critiques. You have the option to submit your work for critique, and get it seen by three different people, getting three different opinions for on your writing. This, summed up in one word, can be invaluable. See all conference info here.



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