Conference Spotlight: 2012 San Francisco Writers Conference (Feb. 18, 2012)

One of the largest writers conferences anywhere on the west coast is approaching quickly: the 2012 San Francisco Writers Conference, happening Feb. 16–19, 2012 (President’s Day weekend). This event typically sells out every year and attracts more than 20 literary agents, to say nothing of the large amount of authors and editors who are also part of the program. Keep reading to learn more.


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The event is held from Feb. 16–19, 2012, at the Historic Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco. The hotel is in the neighborhood of Nob Hill, and there is a special conference rate.


There are more writers conference speakers here than I can even name. Just see them all on the Speaker Page. But know for starters that more than 20 literary agents are there as well as more than 10 editors (including me). That is a lot of people to rub elbows with and pitch. Perhaps you will meet with me, as I am editing query letters and novel synopses.

Concerning the sessions, a full list of sessions is available online, but know that there are multiple sessions during each time period, allowing attendees to choose their favorite choice each time. There are also keynote lunches, author book signings, “Ask a Pro” sessions on how to sell more books and more.


Lots. Check out the website. Of particular note is the Speed Dating for Writers, where you can meet an agent quickly.


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