Conference Recaps and Photos: My 2013 Conference Gigs in Austin, Clarksville, Pittsburgh, and Middleburg, VA

During the last three months, I have spent a lot of time meeting writers at conferences nationwide. It’s been a whirlwind teaching season, and I want to share some info about these great 2013 writing events I’ve spoken at, so you can check them out when they come around again in 2014 (because you definitely should!). Recently, I got to present at the Agents & Editors Conference in Austin, TX, the Clarksville Writers Conference in Clarksville, TN, the Hunt Country Writers Retreat in Middleburg, VA (near DC), the Kentucky Writers Conference in Bowling Green, KY, and the Pennwriters Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. All were great events. Read more to learn when these conferences will happen again, and see some images of the 2013 happenings. (All events take place between April-July.)

—I just saw that DC area writer Fran Willard wrote up a nice recap of the Hunt Country Writers Retreat here. It seems to be on a big, growing page of news, so you should search the page for the word “Middleburg” to find it if necessary.


austin 2

AUSTIN, TX: Signing books after my keynote at the 2013 Agents & Editors Conference.
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austin 3

AUSTIN, TX: Instructing writers on the basics of Twitter & blogging in Austin.
Photo credit:

austin 4

AUSTIN, TX: Posing for a picture with several speakers as well as conference director Jennifer Ziegler (second from right). The event featured many sessions on the craft and business of writing. Photo credit:

austin 5

AUSTIN, TX: This is the only picture I could find of my keynote at lunchtime. Thank you to Danny Manus (of No Bullscript Consulting) for the image.

austin 6

AUSTIN, TX: Posing with guy friends at the Agents and Editors Conference cocktail party. Next to me are the Sherman agents (no relation!) — Ken Sherman on the left, and Brooks Sherman on the right. One of the big draws of this event (put on by the Writers League of Texas) is the many agents in attendance. There were 14 literary reps in 2013.

austin 7

AUSTIN, TX: This was my kickoff speech where I taught on how to pitch to agents. I’m the small guy in the blazer on the left.


AUSTIN, TX: Sitting on a panel. (I’m in the blue shirt.)
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DC talk

MIDDLEBURG, VA: Speaking to writers at the Hunt Country Writers Retreat in July 2013. This conference is an intimate event in the suburbs of DC, and features multiple literary agents in attendance.
Photo credit: Event co-coordinator Jan Neuwarth.

dc 7

MIDDLEBURG, VA: In the middle of a session.
Photo credit: Jan Neuwarth.

dc 6

MIDDLEBURG, VA: Where there is a piano, you will find me.
Photo credit: Jan Neuwarth.


MIDDLEBURG, VA: This is the quaint and lovely village of Middleburg, which is about an hour outside of DC. It’s known for horseback riding, fox hunting, and the occasional celebrity guest staying there.


BOWLING GREEN, KY: At the Southern Kentucky Book Fest, I got to meet THE FONZ! Henry Winkler, a prolific kids book author, was the guest of honor at the event.


BOWLING GREEN, KY: Posing with Wooby, the children’s book character.

kybg 3

BOWLING GREEN, KY: Talking chapter 1 dos and don’ts with writers. The Kentucky Writers Conference is FREE, and is a one-day event that precedes the book fair (Southern Kentucky Book Fest).


BOWLING GREEN, KY: Signing books at the Southern Kentucky Book Fest, following the Kentucky Writers Conference.


PITTSBURGH, PA: PNC Park. I got to see the Pirates play while I was in town.


PITTSBURGH, PA: Teaching at the 2013 Pennwriters Conference.

chuck clarksville

CLARKSVILLE, TN: Teaching at the 2013 Clarksville Writers Conference.


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